The future is now, and it is digital! Turning the pandemic into an opportunity Reskilling creativity & innovation

When digital media first came into existence, it was a much simpler tool to market your product or service. However, ever since its inception the medium of digital media has been evolving every day, we can rightly say that ‘Change is the only constant’ when it comes to Digital Media Marketing.

Social Media and its complications today

With time, the complexities of businesses grew hence to stay relevant in the fast evolving ecosystem it became imperative for businesses to pivot to digital media platforms. Daily online content consumption around the world has soared since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, doubling on average from 3 hours 17 minutes to 6 hours 59 minutes, a new study finds. Hence, these platforms have proved to be the most effective channels of relevant marketing.

How Covid-19 increased online consumption

With the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, several countries induced complete lockdown to prevent the spread of the infection and every business sector faced the brunt of it. However, through digital marketing methods brands continued to engage with the end consumer and implemented newer ways to kick start businesses. 

Reports show that social media consumption increased by 89% during and post COVID-19 outbreak. 69% of influencers noticed an increase in their engagement rates in recent weeks and Consumption of online content increased by 80% in the quarter one of 2020. 

With the advent of COVID-19 pandemic, increasing online consumption and rapid change of trends, it became imperative for marketers to take up new challenges and alter their marketing strategies keeping in mind ‘The New Normal’ for them to overcome the difficulties that most of the businesses were facing. Social is a cultural shift more than an operational one. The mandate for openness, for personalization, and its spontaneous, real-time nature can make it difficult if not impossible to predict what’s going to happen next. This is why it keeps digital marketers constantly on their toes and on the lookout for opportunities to make their content relatable and relevant.

Turning the pandemic into an opportunity

At 1Dot Media, our constant effort was and will be to provide the most effective ways of marketing your brands across Social Media platforms using new trends, new methods, new technology and what not!

We embraced the pandemic as an opportunity to go beyond client expectations and curate unimaginable experiences for the audience, to keep them connected to the brand at all times. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has also presented us with a challenge of restructuring according to the present market dynamics. All the Covid-19 norms and protocols were not only implemented by companies but also highlighted by us to the audience, in order to ensure their safety and regain their trust making purchases. 

Wash your hands

Wear face mask

Keep the distance

Customers are the kings of every business and to keep them informed about any update is more imperative than anything else. Hence, we took a conscious effort to add a statutory notification on the homepage of every E-commerce website/app we handled. This was a message informing them about possible delays in their orders due to the current situation. 

Along with this, every FMCG delivery websites and apps with us opened to showcasing a safety measurement message. This assured the customers that companies are taking all safety measures and following protocols like temperature checks, sanitization etc. of delivery agents and the packages. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has deeply evolved the way people live, work and buy products. Concerning the intensified impact of the pandemic on human health and economy, new buying habits are being formed – reshaping customer behavior. We saw a shift in consumer behavior – 45.2% of the audience are most likely to buy online. Hence we took on to shaping our customers business as per evolving needs. 

With retail stores experiencing temporary shutdowns, customers are looking at purchasing products through a new lens. To comply with social distancing norms, we are working on developing innovative online shopping channels like websites, shopping via Instagram, etc. The paradigm shift in consumer behavior has got us delivering impeccable user-experience while accommodating new customer behavior – from physical to online shopping.  One such brand experience created by 1Dot Media has been the ‘EXPRESS CHECK OUT’ for our client ‘Hyundai of Long Island City’. 

The outbreak has been a difficult and challenging time, but there are many people out there in need of a new car or some who simply desire a new car. The pandemic didn’t stop the people from buying essential commodities then why must they be restricted in buying a higher range of essential or even a luxury product? 45.3% of the audience in a research program said they were much more likely to buy a car online now, than they were before the pandemic began.

However, the audience/buyers still faced certain reservations when it came to making this purchase. It was not convenient and at times not possible to step out and go to a car dealership in order to check out a car, its pricing and make a final purchase. 

This is when we integrated the remote-buying feature to help our audience buy a car without leaving their homes. We made buying a new Hyundai car as easy as buying a new I-Phone, it was just a click away!

The ‘Express Check-Out’ was an experience that gave our audience a 100% online buying benefit at the comfort of their homes. A website was built agnostic to the main Hyundai website which had this feature and was specifically created for the audience to visit the page and get started on purchasing the car. 

The user buying journey was very straightforward and explained to the buyers in a simplified manner where the buyer can select the desired car, lock its pricing, submit documents online and expect the car to be in their garage soon! 

The website also offered a trade-in feature adding a feature to our cap. This in turn increased the convenience for our audience group as they bring home their new purchase all without physically leaving their home or visiting the dealership. Study showed that 28.6% of people considered themselves comfortable with buying a car online and the Express Check-Out by Hyundai proved to be a boon to the audience in that matter. 

The key to survive during the pandemic was to work on innovative ideas and turn to building a change and making the unimaginable happen. Encouraging many local sellers to build their website and have an online presence to sell their services and products and flourish their business at such times was one such change through digital innovations.

The early stage of the pandemic saw movement restrictions to stop the spread of Coronavirus infection which led the businesses to invest in digital infrastructure. There has been a huge acceleration towards the adoption of ecommerce and new-age technology tools.

According to the media consumption reports, since the lockdown there has been an increase of 32% in the average time spent on social media channels and the consumption of content has being seen an all-time high. This opened up multiple opportunities for brands in churning more engaging content to keep the attention of the audience captivated. 

To ensure that customers can resonate with the fact that brands have adopted a COVID-19 sensitive approach, we at 1Dot media ensured all over content strategies are in line with the pandemic norms and government guidelines. For example, during festival and celebration months, we encouraged a feeling of togetherness through creative storytelling and encouraged celebrations at home. Through all our graphics and creatives, we depicted social distancing to spread the message of safety norms during Covid-19. We also suggested and implemented adding a mask on many brand logos to give out a similar messaging. This small change in spreading the message led to a sense of elevated connections with the brand. 

We continue to adopt and integrate different strategies to understand the customer at every step while making use of custom tools, data, and tech to stay ahead in the game. Using the right keywords related to the purchases and maintenance and purchases during a pandemic aided in withholding the most interested audience’s attention during the Covid-19 situation.   

All in all, the online buying, selling, communicating and engaging experience between a company and its customers is what kept the world going. Creation of a smooth yet glorious experience for the website/app/social media page visitors became the primary agenda for us which we aim to continue to conquer.

An unusual era of digital marketing

At no point in human history was the populace so aware of the economic consequences of a pandemic. In spite of that, the character and nature of a real-time, personalized and individually-driven web was developed and adapted in a way that it stays with us for good. Without hyperbole, we truly live in one of the most exciting, transformational times in business in our generation, and it’s not likely we’ll see a shift this significant again in our lifetime. It’s that big and we aim to make the most of it at every step to benefit you and your business! 

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