Social Media Marketing for Dentists – Your Guide to Winning the Social Media Game


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COVID-19 has pushed the average consumer to spend an increased amount of time online whether it involves browsing social media sites like Instagram and Facebook or going down the time consuming rabbit hole of online shopping. This quite obviously warrants a well thought-out and robust social media presence for businesses and brands that are looking to attract potential customers or even expand their existing reach during times where physical contact or in-person communication is not possible. Hence, dentists too need to adapt to the times and consider undertaking Social Media Marketing instead of relying on reputation and word-of-mouth marketing to get you by. Social Media Marketing [SMM] is your best bet at attracting the eyes – or in this case, the teeth – of prospective customers around you. After all, everybody needs a dentist at some point in their lives. The days where word of mouth would purely get you by are long gone as the dental care industry has grown to become incredibly competitive. However, the good news is that it has never been easier to connect with your customers due to the wide-reaching tools provided by Social Media Marketing.

Why Opt For Social Media Marketing?

As we said before, everyone needs a dentist at some point in their life and the first place most individuals would go to look for one is the expansive World Wide Web. Ask the internet and you shall receive. And the name of your dental practice is exactly what should be visible across various social media platforms. Social Media Marketing helps you capitalize on this opportunity of having a wide audience within your reach. Still not convinced? Let’s get specific and outline why SMM will take your digital presence to the next level.

1.   Influence is Instrumental

Having an active social media page with interactive content that highlights the very best of your dental practice eventually helps harness influence among customers. Interacting with your audience via. comments or messages helps you build credible relationships with customers and influence referrals to your practice.

2.   Channeling Information

Communicate, communicate and communicate! Social media platforms are an effective means of information dissemination. Communicating important information, from dental packages and exclusive offers to articles on the latest industry practices and testimonials, to your audience lets them know what sets your dental care practice from the rest.

How Can I Use Social Media Marketing The Right Way?

Now, it’s time for the real questions. How exactly does one navigate Social Media Marketing as a first timer? Follow the tips below to get a more clear idea of how to approach SMM:

1. Flying Solo or Not?

Let’s say you’re ambitious and you want to do this right. You’ve done the research and you’re undertaking all aspects related to the social media management of your practice. However, we recommend you to overview how much would be possible for you to do yourself and how much work needs to be outsourced. Regardless, we recommend you to have a social media team dedicated to promoting and maintaining your feed.

2. Stay Consistent

Factor in the kinds of social media platforms you select, the resources at your disposal and your reach goals and formulate a weekly/monthly social media schedule which will help you stay consistent. Remember, consistent posting of quality content is what puts you on the map and helps you stay on the map.

3.     Get Personal

The best content is relatable and personalized content which is receptive to patients. Content that is purely clinical or aimed just to sell could produce short-term engagement.

Which Is The Right Social Media Platform(s) For Me?

This is where we step in. At 1DotMedia, we understand the importance of relevant adverts to prospective audiences. Hence, our audience segmentation and creative teams sit side by side. Our SMM services will, among other goals, help you identify the appropriate social media platforms for you, increase engagement and produce an optimum ROI.

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