Digital Marketing Trends and Importance in 2021


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The year 2020 has been a challenging year in more ways than one. As the world battled with a global pandemic and came to a standstill, several aspects of our lives changed drastically. Businesses that never saw the need to have a digital presence have had to double back and make some radical changes to the way they approach marketing.

With almost everything taking place virtually in the new normal, digital marketing has helped several businesses stay up and running, even generating profits. In such a scenario, it has opened the floodgates of opportunities for digital marketing trends and allied strategies.

Here Are A Few Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In The Year 2021

1.Engaging and interactive content

For a major part of this year, just like the last, it is expected to have “stay home” orders in places in many parts of the world. An average internet user is spending more time online than ever before. With in-person events getting canceled and being replaced with virtual events such as live streams, creating more influencer-driven interactive content for your social media handles is the need of the hour.

2. Creating an effective online presence

Simply because there are multiple social media platforms doesn’t mean that your brands must have a presence on all of them. Conduct surveys to figure out which platforms pull in the most customers for your products and focus your time, energy, efforts, and resources on that platform. Value quality over quantity and make your online presence effective and meaningful.

3. The sincere will to contribute to a cause

Your potential customers won’t feel connected with your brand if the sincere will to contribute to an important cause is absent. Figure out ways to give back and carve out budgets, albeit small. This will help you build a genuine connection with your customers which can prove pivotal in turbulent times. 2021 is expected to see a rise in the goodwill hunting brands that are driven by a mission to reciprocate.

4.  Concentrated local SEO efforts

With movement restrictions in place, people are having to look for locally available options. If you are a small business owner, now is your time to shine. With a sharp focus on Local SEO strategies, you can ensure that your business has a strong presence on the Search Engine Result Pages and shows up on the “near me” searches on Google. This will help you draw the local customer to your business.

5. Sustainability

If we are to save our planet, now is the time to act. Adopting sustainable practices when it comes to the kind of materials you use, to the kind of packaging you offer is the only way forward. The emphasis on sustainability has gained traction in recent years and now with the increasing awareness, the consumers are also seeking out brands that follow sustainable practices.

The year 2021 is rife with opportunities to carve a name for yourself in the digital marketing space. The question is – are you prepared?

So, what are you waiting for? Give your business the much-needed marketing boost and use the power of the internet to your advantage. If you are unsure about how digital marketing can help your business, get in touch with One Dot Media one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies in USA today. 

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