Digital Marketing For Dentists: The Ultimate Guide To Securing More Customers.


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Digital marketing for dentist

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, dental practice owners now face an unprecedented challenge that they are not prepared for. As a dental care provider, you need a steady flow of patients to stay afloat and run your show.



A recent estimate suggests 80% of all non-referral based leads in the dental industry begin with major online search engines. At 1 Dot Media, we have worked closely with UK’s top dental care providers and have established as well as amplified their digital marketing presence. 


This is a detailed guide on Digital marketing for dentists to navigate various digital marketing practices in order to get more clients.

Topics Covered:

  1. The Foundation of Everything Digital
  2. Dental SEO & Why It Matters
  3. PPC Marketing: The Game Changer
  4. Social Media Marketing.

1.The Foundation of Everything Digital

The first step of going digital is to have a good website. It should be simple, load fast [not more than 3-4 seconds] and be easy to navigate. A visitor will easily click away from your site if it looks unattractive or has an outdated design. It should visibly display the services offered, insurance packages accepted, contact details and customer testimonials.

An option to schedule appointments via. one’s website and clearly communicate information on pricings will definitely increase conversions. Be sure to include social media icons with links to direct prospective customers to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Avail a free audit from 1 Dot Media to know whether your current website has what it takes to kickstart your digital presence.

digital marketing for dentists




2.Dental SEO & Why It Matters

When someone searches “best dentist near me” or “dental services in [*insert your city*]” on Google or any other search engine, the first few search results are what they’re likely going to click on and inevitably call to book an appointment with.

Dental SEO aka Dental Search Engine optimization is nothing but ranking higher on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! for keywords related to dental care.

77% of health inquiries begin on search engines. – Google

It is clear that whichever business/practice ranks in the top 5 search results has a higher probability of securing more appointments. If properly executed, dental SEO can acquire a top ranking position not only in organic results but also in the coveted local 3-Pack on Google [the first three businesses listed when you conduct a search using keywords like “near me” ]which is known to attract a significant portion of website traffic from locally residing patients.




3.PPC Marketing: The Game Changer

Dental SEO is the organic means of securing higher rankings on search engines like Google but it does take a minimum of 6 months to obtain visible results.

This is where PPC [Pay Per Click] Marketing comes in handy. PPC Marketing assists you in acquiring new patients through search engines much faster and easier. Using Google’s PPC Network, i.e, Google Ads, a search ad is displayed to people who enter keywords and phrases related to your industry that are specifically chosen by you.

The best part? You will only be charged when someone clicks on your ad. In addition to this, you’re free to set your own maximum daily budget for the ads.

See what PPC strategy 1 dot media uses.

Dental SEO -Digital marketing for dentists




4.Social Media Marketing

What sets an exceptional dental care provider from the usual ones? It’s extending the exceptional service you provide during patient visits to after a patient leaves as well.

The most effective marketing practice in any industry is one that is instrumental in retaining existing customers. In order to retain your customers, you need a medium of communication to ensure that patients are always in the loop.

Social media is what helps bridge the gap between your business and your customers. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a few examples. However, it isn’t enough to just make a page/account on any of these platforms and post inconsistently during the week/month. To expand your reach and audience, you should employ the use of paid social media ads. In this respect, Facebook and Instagram ads have higher ROI for the healthcare industry compared to any other digital marketing channel.

Our customers saw 38% increase in ROI using our SMM strategy. Check out our Portfolio.

social media -Digital marketing for dentist



Conclusion on digital marketing for dentists.

Just like any marketing strategy, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to instantly build your digital presence as a dentist. However, if you recognize the importance of building a relationship with your audience through social media channels and follow the appropriate strategies to dominate search engines, you will soon be on the path to create a brand that is more credible, trustworthy and appealing to prospective patients.

You don’t have to be a coding or SEO expert to find out what’s wrong with your website.