February 10, 2023

Web3 Startup Fundraising Success: A Guide to Post-Fundraising Strategy

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Congratulations on reaching the pinnacle of fundraising success! Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and now is the time to capitalize on this momentous occasion and take your startup to new heights. Startups are often associated with being scrappy, with limited resources and a messy approach to running a business. However, this stereotype is no longer accurate in today's world, especially with the plethora of tools and resources available. In this guide, we'll cover the essential steps to take after securing funding, so you can fully leverage this opportunity to create a thriving and successful business.

Building a Strong Team

One of the most critical components of startup success is having the right team in place. As you begin to build your team, look for individuals who are passionate about your vision, share your values, and have the skills and experience necessary to help you reach your goals.

To find potential team members:

  • You can post job opportunities on relevant job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed, or Glassdoor
  • If you're in the web3 or cryptocurrency industry, you might want to consider niche job boards such as web3.career or cryptocurrencyjobs.co
  • Make sure you have clear job descriptions, as well as a clear understanding of the salary packages you're offering. This will help you attract the right candidates and avoid any misunderstandings down the road
  • For a more long-term view, you might want to consider offering equity. This includes stock option plans, equity grants, and other legal agreements

Define Your Focus and Stick to It

It's all too easy for startup founders to forget why they started building their product in the first place. As you navigate the ups and downs of startup life, it's essential to stay focused on your vision and keep your eye on the prize. To take full advantage of your newfound funding, it's essential to determine your focus and stick to it. To help you define and retain your focus, consider doing the following:

  • Use project management tools such as Asana, Notion, or Monday.
  • Regularly revisiting your mission statement - keep your "why" front and center.
  • Holding weekly all-hands calls with your team to ensure everyone is aligned with your goals and priorities.
  • Everyone you know, knows something you don’t. Seek advice from experienced industry mentors or experts who can provide valuable insights and guidance.
  • Conduct regular SWOT analyses to assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and adjust your focus accordingly.
  • Make sure to time for self-care and ensure you have a healthy work-life balance to avoid burnout and maintain your focus and motivation.

Customer Acquisition and Relationship Building

Acquiring and retaining customers should be the primary focus of your startup. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, and it's essential to build strong relationships with them. To achieve this, make sure that you're responsive to their needs and feedback, and work tirelessly to keep them satisfied. To build and maintain strong relationships with your customers, consider:

  • Implementing feedback loops for ongoing customer feedback.
  • Reaching out to your investor network for potential customer referrals.
  • Using scheduling tools such as Calendly to make it easy for customers to schedule appointments with you.
  • Building a customer community through platforms such as Discord, Telegram, Facebook groups, or LinkedIn groups.
  • Ramp up your socials by using holding AMA session, blog posts and memes to gain more traction. See our Web3 Community building tips and tricks here.
  • Establishing an affiliate program: an affiliate program allows others to promote your product or service in exchange for a commission. This can be a valuable way to grow your customer base.

Continuously Improving Your Product or Service

As your startup continues to grow, it's essential to continuously improve your product or service. This may involve seeking:

  • Feedback from your customers: tools such as Typeform, Airtable form can help you gather feedback from your customers and understand their needs.
  • Conducting beta tests: is a great way to test your product or service before releasing it to the wider market. This can help you identify potential issues and make necessary improvements.
  • Implementing a rewards system: such as a bounty rewards program can be a great way to incentivize users and improve your product.

Remember, it's normal for things not to go as planned when starting a business, but failure can often lead to new opportunities and growth. So, don't be discouraged by setbacks; instead, keep experimenting and finding new ways to improve your product or service.

Update, Update and Update

There can never be too much attention paid to keeping your financial model up to date. Regular updates are essential for the growth and success of your startup, as well as to avoid legal trouble and keep your investors informed.

  • Update regularly: Don't wait until a significant event occurs to update your financial model. Regular updates will help you keep your model current and accurate.
  • Include all relevant information: When updating your financial model, make sure to revise your balance sheet, cash actuals, budget, forecast, hiring plan, and any other relevant information to reflect the latest changes in your business.
  • Communicate with investors: Keeping your investors informed of your updates shows that you're transparent and committed to the success of your startup.
  • Use financial management tools: Using tools like Xero can simplify the process of updating your financial model and help you stay compliant with financial reporting regulations. You can also use crypto treasury management tools like Coinshift.
  • Monitor compliance: Regularly monitoring your financial model and ensuring compliance with financial reporting regulations can help you avoid legal trouble.
  • Make it a priority: Updating your financial model should be a top priority for your startup. Don't let an outdated financial model, lack of communication with your investors, or legal trouble hold you back from reaching your goals.

Don't let an outdated financial model, lack of communication with your investors, or a possible legal trouble hold you back from reaching your goals.

Do Not Overspend

Overspending can quickly drain the funds of a new startup, leading to financial strain and the possibility of failure. Here are some tips for avoiding overspending when starting a new business:

  • Create a budget: Determine your revenue and expenses, and allocate funds accordingly. Be sure to allow for unexpected expenses and plan for emergencies.
  • Negotiate with vendors: When possible, negotiate with vendors to get the best deals on essential expenses.
  • Negotiate with vendors: When possible, negotiate with vendors to get the best deals on essential expenses.
  • Limit personal expenses: Avoid using business funds for personal expenses and keep your personal and business finances separate.

Create a Scalable Business Model

Now that you have raised funds and built a solid customer base, it's time to start thinking about scaling your business. Develop a robust and scalable business model that can support future growth. This may involve exploring new revenue streams, expanding into new markets, or adopting new technologies.

  • Implementing a CRM system, such as Salesforce or Hubspot, to help manage and track your customer relationships and growth
  • Investing in AI tools to streamline processes and gain a competitive advantage in your industry. We recommend using tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney and Notion AI.

Fundraising is Only the Beginning

It's essential to remember that fundraising is only one part of the process of starting a business. Once you've secured funding, you need to continue working on your business and focus on other critical aspects, such as acquiring and retaining customers, continuously improving your product or service, and scaling your business model.

Setting achievable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and regularly tracking your progress can help you measure your success and identify areas for improvement. Keeping your financials in check and aligning your team around a shared roadmap can also be crucial to your long-term success.

In conclusion, fundraising success is only the beginning of your startup journey. To fully leverage this opportunity and build a thriving business, it's essential to focus on acquiring and retaining customers, building a strong team, continuously improving your product or service, and keeping your business model scalable. By following these essential steps, you'll set yourself up for success and take your startup to new heights.

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