March 10, 2023

Top 5 Crypto Marketing Agencies in Asia

Top 5 Crypto Marketing Agencies in Asia

With the explosive growth of blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, there has been a surge in the demand for crypto marketing agencies to provide comprehensive solutions to aid these firms in establishing a strong presence in the market. These agencies offer services ranging from branding, public relations, community management, legal counsel, human resources, and more.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 crypto marketing agencies in the UK, their services, and notable clients.


AmaZix is one of the world's top advising and crypto marketing companies. It was established in Hong Kong in 2013. AmaZix provides blockchain services for blockchain and cryptocurrency firms, including branding, public relations, community management, legal counsel, and human resources. Management of the community is their main priority. AmaZix is a specialist in fostering loyalty among followers and fostering confidence inside communities thanks to her more than five years of relationship-building experience.

They also boast 1500+ blockchain professionals and a 291 million strong influencer reach. They have been trusted with the blockchain initiatives of more than 530 clients. The most notable customers of the company are BitNation, Arcona, and Ambrosus.

1Dot Media:

Through its innovative marketing and business strategies, 1 Dot Media is significantly impacting the cryptocurrency industry. They are experts in providing services related to fractional CMOs. The advising services for strategic marketing, community management, social media marketing, and branding are all included in the fractional CMO services.

They have the potential to bring a strong presence to the brand in an efficient manner. Hyundai, Microsoft, DHL express, and Amazon are among the companies they have worked with in the past, and their partnerships with these companies have proven reliable. Hence, their service will be taken for granted and assumed.

ICO Speaks:

With the marketing firm providing many chances for ICO campaigns, companies, and cryptocurrency projects to create significant traffic across many platforms, ICO SPEAKS is the best option for blockchain marketing. Additionally, ICO SPEAKS hosts AMA sessions that let project founders interact personally with the community and disclose their initiative's specifics. Ask Me Anything, or AMA can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful ICO campaign. To guarantee that project owners draw a sizable audience before the AMA sessions, ICO SPEAKS ICO marketing services that include paid promotions, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and other forms of promotion.

Because of the services that ICO SPEAKS offers, your chances of convincing people to invest in your ICO increase.


PANONY is advice for blockchain and cryptocurrency firms. It was founded in 2018. Allyssa Tsai and TongTong Bee, the company's founders, are under-30s in Forbes Asia. In addition to having its headquarters in China, PANONY also has activities in South Korea, Greater China, and the US.

Its crypto marketing services include media relations, communications, community advisory, bounty programs, and airdrops. Also, they run the prestigious PANews blockchain news website. They offer 2800 comprehensive original articles with fantastic content and useful insights. Their portfolio has several well-known clients, including Decus, BitMain, and CoinBurp.

Blockchain Marketing Asia:

Blockchain Marketing Asia (also known as BMA) is a blockchain marketing firm supported by Creatip, a famous South Korean marketing firm with a ten-year client list that includes SAP, SAMSUNG, LG, UBER, DELTA, EBAY, and BMW. By developing BMA and Cryptopick (ICO Listing site) across Asian nations like Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Indonesia, Creatip has provided a full range of ICO advisory and marketing services to numerous ICO projects, and exchanges since entering the blockchain industry in 2016.

Choosing the right crypto marketing agency can make all the difference when it comes to the success of a blockchain or cryptocurrency firm. Whether it's creating a strong brand identity, managing communities, developing content, or providing advisory services, these agencies have a comprehensive suite of offerings that cater to the specific needs of their clients. From the established players like AmaZix to the up-and-coming firms like PANONY, each agency brings its unique expertise to the table. As the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries continue to evolve, these crypto marketing agencies will continue to play a critical role in driving growth and creating value for their clients.